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Cathy The Camel

           I am Cathy the camel. I am a Bactrian camel. Like other Bactrian camels I have two humps. Arabian camels have only one hump.

            I live in the Gobi Desert in Asia Minor with other camels. Many people think that the humps on my back store water. Our humps actually contain fat.

            When I come across water in the desert I can drink a large amount at one time. Other animals cannot do this. I can also lose a large amount of water from my body without danger. Unlike other animals I come to no harm even when I have lot of water.

              I eat juicy plants in the winter. During this time I do not have to drink because of the water in the plants. I do not sweat very much. You see, I am suited to living in the desert and I am known as the ‘Ship of the Desert.

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