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Chain The Chameleon

         I am the Chameleon. I am a type of lizard. But unlike other lizards there is something very special about me.

          I change colour according to the surroundings, brightness and temperature. It also depends on whether I am angry or frightened. When I am angry or frightened I am usually a darker colour than normal.

          It is difficult for other animals to see me when I am the same colour as the background. It helps me live longer by not being eaten by them.

          I have very special eyes. I can move each one separately. I use my eyes to find out how far away the insects are from me.

          Once I have done that I use my long tongue to trap the insect. I shoot my tongue out of my mouth to trap the insects with the sticky hollow end.

            To have my dinner I just pull my tongue in again with the delicious insect at the sticky end.

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