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Lana The Lobster

             I am Lana the lobster. I am a type of animal family called arthropods. I use my two large claws to defend myself and attack the animals that I eat.

             There are twenty one parts to my body. Each part is called a segment. The segment is like the divisions on the bodies of a centipede or millipede.

             Like crabs I have four pairs of legs. There is something very special about my legs. If one of them gets torn or bit-ten off I can grow a new one.

             I live on the bottom of the sea. Some lobsters live in the shallow areas near the beach. Other lobsters live in much deeper areas.

             Usually I eat dead sea animals that are rotting. But there are times when I eat live Fish and other sea animals that grow in the sea. Sometimes I also eat smaller lobsters.

             Female lobsters lay eggs. At one time there may be as many as ten thousand eggs. The female lobster carries the eggs .The female lobster lobsteer carries the eggs on tiny things called swimmerets. These are attached to the belly.

              Many people like eating lobsters. They think we are very tasty to eat. I have no wish to be caught and eaten.

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