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Putih The Polar Bear

           I am Putih the polar bear. I live in the cold Artic north. I am the second largest bear. The Brown Alaskan bear is bigger than me.

           I am not fussy about what I eat. I eat dead whales which have been washed up on shore, eggs, birds and even Artic plants. However my favourite food is seals.

           At times I wait at a hole through which a seal comes up to breathe. When I t appears, I hit I t with my paw and pull I t out of the hole. Then I eat it.

           At other times I creep quietly towards a seal and then run towards it and hit it with my paw.

           Baby polar bears are usually born during the winter. The mother polar bear digs a cave in the snow and then gives birth to her young there.

            It is usually much warmer in the cave than it is outside after it has been lived in for some time.

             The little baby bears stay in the cave for up to three months and after about one and a half years they are ready to hunt on their own.

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