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Putih The Polar Bear

          I am Randhir the black African rhino. I am called a black rhino even though I am dark grey in colour.

          I have cousins called white rhinos. Although are called white rhinos they are actually grey in colour. There are also other types of rhinos, the Javan rhino, the Indian rhino and he sumatran rhino.

          White African rhinoceros are the largest rhinoceros and sumatran rhinos are the smallest. Although I have a sharp nose and very good hearing I cannot see clearly what is far ahead

           Why I am usually nervous and jittery for I do not know what might attack me.

            My lower lip is pointed like a finger. This makes easier for me to pluck leaves and twigs off bushes make them feel better.

             This is a silly idea. Our horns are attached to our heads and we need them more than with my lips.

             White rhinos which usually eat grass have flat lower lips. This makes it easier for them to eat grass .So you see why black rhinos have pointed lower lips and white rhinos have flat lower lips.

              People very often hunt rhino for their horns. They believe the horns when made into a powder and drunk will humans.

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