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Siti The Great white shark

         I am Siti the great white shark. Although I am called a great white shark I am greyish in colour.

          I am a very special type of fish. I am a special because I give birth to my young, Like mammals. However there are some types of sharks which lay eggs like other fish.

          I am also different from other fishes because I have no hard bones. My skeleton is made of a soft bone called cartilage. It is similar to the bone people have in their noses.

          Great white sharks are the largest type of sharks there are in this world. I am almost the Length of six full grown men.

           There are many other types of sharks besides great white sharks There are blue sharks, white tipped sharks and hammer head sharks to name a few.

            I am a very good hunter in the sea. People are afraid of me because sharks sometimes attack humans.

            Although I usually eat fish I also eat birds, seals, squids and anything else that I come across which looks tasty to me. I am not fussy about what I eat.

I have seven rows of very sharp teeth. They are shaped like ice-cream cones. New teeth grow to replace any teeth which may become loose and fall out. I am a powerful swimmer and have very sharp teeth and that is why I am such a good hunter underwater.

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